The Best Customer Experience

By collecting and analyzing a larger number of customer opinions, we can identify the essential issues,
and this will improve the essential customer experience for your products and services.

Open Beta

Why use Quickk?

Efficiently collect and analyze customer feedback
Identifying new issues through quantitative measurement
Empowering Teams by Visualizing the Voice of the Customer
Improve productivity by incorporating feedback into planning

Key Features(Some of them are still under development)

Post feedbacks

Create a dedicated board for collecting feedback in just a minute and get ready to collect customer feedback now!

Vote Feedbacks

For requests that already exist, customers can make their requests known with just a one-click voting action on existing feedback


By setting the status of the collected feedback, a roadmap can be automatically created to show the current status of the response.

Release Note

Include product updates in the release notes so you can communicate updates to customers via email or Slack

Feedback Widget

You can set up a modal window post widget on your existing website by simply pasting a JavaScript tag

Custom Domain

Custom domains can be seamlessly integrated into the service to gather feedback for a natural user experience

Single Sign On

Customers can continue to use their regular service accounts, making it easier to collect feedback

Slack integration

Integrate with popular external services such as Slack to receive updates in a specified Slack channel

Plans(In preparation)

(Details to be posted as soon as they are finalized)

How to get started(The official version of the public to drop)

Step1 Sign up for a free trial
Step2 Each company verifies and confirms the usage method for each case
Step3 After the free trial is over, select a plan and start the registration process

Q & A

Q. How long can I use it for free?
A. You can use this service for free from now until the trial period ends after the official version is released. The trial period will be announced when the official version is released.
Q. Can it be used for purposes other than collecting and analyzing feedback on products and services?
A. You can use the site for any purpose you want, as long as it does not fall under the prohibited activities in the Terms of Use. We encourage you to try out your own ways of using the site